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Instant Perineum Cooling Padsicles

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Our Instant Ice Padsicles or perineum cooling pads are another must-have for your postpartum recovery tool box. With the instant cooling effect lasting for 30+ minutes, it will mean your sore, tender and swollen lady parts will feel so much better.


Say goodbye to getting out a maxi pad, slathering it in witch hazel and aloe vera, putting it in the freezer to cool and repeat with our convenient pads to support your perineum during childbirth and in your following postpartum period.


Our perineum cooling maxi pads are an instant 2 in 1 solution for perineal and vaginal discomfort post-birth. They provide instant relief in the postpartum recovery time. Snap, pop onto your underwear and go! No freezer or preparation necessary!


Not only do our perineum cooling pads provide cold relief for your sore and tender birthing parts, they’re also amazing for perineal tearing and stitches too. Each one of the soft, super-absorbent pads will soak up fluid, blood and lochia all the while providing cool and much-needed relief for post-birth recovery and haemorrhoids.


The super-soft pad gives full coverage for your entire perineal area with an adhesive strip to keep it in place. 


Perineum Cooling Pads for C-sections

Our pads can also help support your perineum during childbirth whether you’re birthing vaginally or with a C-section. Your Caesarean incision will be tender for a few weeks and our padsicles can help to relieve scar tenderness! Just pop the padsicles over your C-section (pad side down) incision dressing a few times a day for a couple of weeks to a couple of months to facilitate healing. This helps if you are having pain over the incision, irritation that comes on by the day's end, or swelling. A great time to pop the padsicles on is while you are feeding bub to feel the relief! 


Our instant perineum cooling pads are a must for the first few weeks post- birth as well as within your postpartum recovery so, get your toolbox ready with our range of postpartum products. Nurture yourself and prepare for postpartum. 

What's included - 5 instant padsicles 

Size - 11x36 cm